CVC Student Leaders Conference at West G

CVC Student Leaders Converge on West G. for a Conference

The Wolvarena hosts the CVC Leadership Forum

The Wolvarena hosts the CVC Leadership Forum

West Geauga hosted the annual CVC leadership conference on Friday, October 7th. There were 9 different schools participating in the conference, including Beachwood, Harvey, Perry, Berkshire, Chagrin Falls, Richmond, Orange, and Wickliffe. Overall 115 total students were present.

The purpose of the conference was simple: to allow students to collaborate with other kids from different schools to strengthen the leadership skills. West Geauga was nominated by principal, Mr. Jay Bishop, during a CVC Principal’s meeting to host. All the students in attendance were chosen from their respective schools as representatives and leaders of their clubs and other organizations. West Geauga picked students based on Key Club, N.H.S., class officers and student council.  West Geauga’s participants included Bella Garcia, Jorge Mirabelli, Rory Kelly, Mackenzie Hanford, Sarah Graber, Fionna Fisher, Kellie Cassese, Grace Carter, and Gianna Wagner. West Geauga’s student council, primarily Bella Garcia, ran the event.

The guest speaker was motivational speaker, Mr. Kent Julian. He did a presentation on how not to let the events in your life bring you down. Instead, one should learn how to control your responses to those events so you can have the outcome you want in life. Mr. Julian also instructed workshops to help young students succeed as leaders and grow in and as a school. Mr. Julian also worked on using positive words and actions to empower those around us.

Student council advisor, Mrs. Stepahnie Meyer ran the conference, but student council students worked on the committees to plan the day and help out. Mrs. Meyer said, “This was our first year running the event and it was a huge success with many positive responses from students and adults from each school.”