West Really is…(one of the )BEST

WGHS Earns National and Ohio Rankings Near the Top

West is Best

West is Best

West Geauga High School continues to show its greatness. Our school has been recognized as one of the “Top 500” public high schools in the USA, based on a performance index for the 2016 report card. We are currently sitting at number 493 on America’s Top 500 schools of 2016 from the Newsweek high school rankings. In addition, West Geauga was also rank 32nd in the state of Ohio on the statewide report card West Geauga High School earned its spots because of the hard work and dedication of its students and staff. With these accomplishments, West Geauga has shown that it excels in every aspect academically.

For the Newsweek top 500 list, a broad range of data was collected using samples from the Common Core of Data and the National Center for Education Statistics database from 2014-2015. The data base includes over 15,800 schools. Next, surveys were sent out to all qualifying schools to further collect data. After the surveys and a threshold analysis took place, 4,760 schools were still in the running. West Geauga not only made it past the first stage but placed into the top 500. “We are proud to be included with the names of the top high schools in the country.  This recognition is attributed to the hard work of our school board, staff, students and parents in West Geauga community,” said high school principal Mr. Jay Bishop. He justifiably shares this pride with the rest of the school.

The multi-step process schools go through to be chosen is very involved. Schools are put into one of two lists, absolute or relative, to control for low performance due to socioeconomic and non-school factors like poverty. Even being nominated is an accomplishment; for the absolute list only schools in the top 70th percentile of their state are considered to start.

After finding the schools that qualify, each one goes under more scrutiny with the threshold analysis. The schools are compared to each other within the lists and then combined into one large list where all the schools are ranked. In order to rank the schools, a weight system is applied: college enrollment is 25%; graduation rate is 20% SAT/ACT scores 17.5%; AP/IB/dual enrollment nets 17.5%; student enrollment counts 10%, and finally, holding power covers 10%. The process also looks at college readiness, the amount of students who are college bound, counselor – to – student ratio, and student retention rate during the threshold analysis. Being on this list shows West G. excels in all these areas.

Placing 32nd on the statewide report card is also an amazing accomplishment. Last year West Geauga was at 133rd. Because of the efforts of the staff and students to better the school, we have jumped to near the top. At 32nd, West Geauga is also the number one school in Geauga County and about 13th in the greater Cleveland area. The school received an “A” rating in “progress” and “value added” due to the increasing amount of students who classify in proficient or above. Many of the other rates and achievements considered for the top 500 list are the same as what they look at for the report card rankings. It’s no surprise West Geauga ranks high on each.  “I know that we can do even better,” said Superintendent Dr. Richard Markwardt. He believes that this is a great starting point for the progress that West Geauga has had so far and will continue to make.

These accomplishments are ones that will forever important at West Geauga High School, yet we will none – the – less continue to improve. West is best!